The ME community in the UK is served by a considerable range of charities, with even the largest being relatively small. Recognising the benefit of being able to speak with a louder voice, Forward-ME was established as a coordinating body to provide a unified and perhaps louder voice for the ME community to reach key influencers and stakeholders – government, medical bodies etc.

Forward-ME’s overall objective is to ensure the needs of people with ME/CFS are better met by promoting and facilitating unity across the ME field and forging greater collaboration with stakeholders. Forward-ME has been successful in this in several areas, most recently as the coordinated response to the recent NICE guidelines, without ‘cutting across’ the activities and governance of any individual charity.

Our founder is Countess of Mar who stepped down as Chair in Spring 2021 but continues to actively serve on our Steering Group. We are a voluntary organisation whose primary aim is to advance the cause and improve the lives of people suffering with ME. This alliance facilitates progress by sharing, promoting and communicating the following:

Research & Application

The studies and science that may advance understanding of the cause, treatment and quality of life of people suffering from ME. Led by Jonathan Davies, Chair of ME Research UK.

Support & Care

The best management for patients, families and carers to reduce suffering, enhance chances of recovery and cope with the challenges of ME. Led by Sonya Chowdhury, CEO of Action for ME.

Advocacy & Education

Creating a clear and contemporary understanding of ME amongst the medical profession, media and government with a view to speedy and accurate diagnosis, prevention and, in time, a cure. Advocacy is led by Russell Fleming, Content Manager of ME Association, and Education is led by Dr Nina Muirhead, a practicing dermatologist who has been living with the condition for many years.