Welcome to Forward-ME

Welcome to the new Forward-ME website.


I apologise for the length of time we have been out of touch. 


It was with great sadness that we heard that Alan Rengger, our webmaster, was terminally ill and was unable to pass on the information necessary for us to access the forward-me (.org.uk) website. I am very grateful for the excellent service he provided for more than 10 years. Thanks to the diligence of the ME Association team and the generosity of Forward-ME members, communications are now resumed.


Many things have changed since the group’s first meeting in October 2008. There is a new sense of optimism in the air. Charities and groups representing people with mE are working exceptionally well together and, as a result, more constructive dialogue is delivering the progress we have dreamed of for decades.


At the time of writing, in the UK NICE are in the process of reviewing their much criticised 2007 ME/CFS Guideline; the CMRC, led by Sit Stephen Holgate, have been instrumental in achieving more than £3million for DecodeME and there are several smaller, but nonetheless very useful, research projects funded by ME charities. Whilst accepting that ME is a real biological illness is not universal, attitudes to people with ME are changing.


After 45 years as a member of the House of Lords, I decided to retire in May. The discovery of Zoom has transformed our communications. Group members no longer have to travel to London for meetings, reseting in time and travel savings as well as having a considerable effect on budgets. Virtual meetings achieve as much as face-to-face ones. I suspect they will become the norm for any but exceptional circumstances.


Robert Louis Stevenson suggested that it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive, inferring that arrival can result in disappointment. Whilst it may be long, my dearest wish is that our joint journey will be successful.


Margaret Mar

Chairman, Forward-ME

5th November 2020